Weekly Educational Vlog- Benefits of Anti-Glare Coating

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Transcript:  Hi, this is Dr. Alex from My Vision Box and I want to welcome you to our weekly educational video. I hope you enjoy it.

  So you're probably wondering why I have these 2 crazy lenses in front of my eyes.  Well, today we are talking about Anti-Glare coating!

 Here is a lens without it and here is a lens with it. I'm sure you can see the difference in the amount of reflection that I'm getting. Here you can see a lot of reflection off of that lens coming right back at the camera right from the lights that are filming me.  Here with the Anti-Glare coating, on my left eye, there is almost no reflection coming back at you. That also means that there is less light being absorbed by my eye because this lens filters out all of that excess glare. So not only are you getting less reflection when you're looking at me, I'm getting less glare coming off computer monitors, I'm getting less glare when I'm driving at night from head-lights and I'm also getting less glare from fluorescent lighting that we all have above our heads in our offices.

 So if you're getting glasses, having an anti-glare coating is absolutely a must these days.  If you don't work in front of a computer, if you don't drive when it's dark outside, and if you don't go to any place with fluorescent lighting then you can get away without it.  But if you do any of those three things, Anti-Glare is a must for your life.

 Strongly recommend getting this!  Every patient in my office gets a recommendation for that in my prescription, so every patient on our website should strongly consider that.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoyed the video, I'll see you on the next one.

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