Plastic vs. Polycarbonate Eyeglass Lenses


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 Transcript:  Hi, this is Dr. Alex from My Vision Box and I want to welcome you to our weekly educational video. I hope you enjoy it.

Hello, today we are going to be talking about different lens materials. We are going to be comparing Plastic to Polycarbonate.

A lot of patients that go to our website, they see that we offer Plastic Lenses, Polycarbonate Lenses and Hi-Index Lenses. Lets talk about the 2 most popular options.

Well, plastic lenses are our basic lens. The polycarbonate lens is an upgraded option. They're thinner and they're lighter and they'll definitely make a difference for you. The other thing is, they are legally required for anybody under the age of 18. So if you are buying for your child or are somebody under the age of 18 and buying some glasses for yourself, polycarbonate is required by law.

Not only that, but look at the difference in thickness you are going to get. This is somebody who has a -5.00 prescription. And if you actually compare the two you can actually see that the plastic on the right compared to the polycarbonate on my left is about 25-30% thicker with the same exact prescription. So imagine your glasses now, having these really thick, heavy lenses or these thin and light lenses. I think you will definitely notice that difference.

That is why recommend those for anybody over a power of 1.50, where you are really going to notice that difference.

It is a little bit more pricey for the polycarbonate, but is worth every penny because you are getting a much better lens. Shatter proof, thinner, lighter material and just feels better on your face because you have less weight there.

So for anybody getting glasses, I strongly strongly recommend getting polycarbonate lenses. I recommend that to everyone of my patients in my practice, I would recommend it to everyone of our patients who is buying on our website. So really consider doing the upgrade for the polycarbonate lenses.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoyed the video and I'll see you on the next one.


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